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The extruder is a versatile machine used in many industries to transform different materials into finished products in large quantities and with great precision. It is available in different models and sizes to meet the needs of every customer. Increase your efficiency and production quality with the Lescuyer & Villeneuve extruder.

Roll mills

Laboratory and production roll mills play an essential role in the rubber, silicone and plastics industries.

Internal mixers

Internal mixers play a fundamental role in the silicone and FKM rubber industry, guaranteeing homogeneous and precise mixing of components.


Calendering equipment in the rubber industry enables efficient transformation of prepared compounds into homogeneous sheets or films. The calendering process ensures uniform thickness and specific properties for finished products, enabling a variety of applications.

Compression press

Press in the rubber, silicone and plastics industries offer a powerful method for shaping materials. The pressing process transforms molded materials into durable, resistant end products.


Vulcanization equipment is useful in the rubber and silicone industries. The vulcanization process gives materials their final properties, such as heat resistance, durability and elasticity.

ligne de bain de sel


The batch-off is a sophisticated piece of equipment used to continuously cool the uniform rubber strip. The hardened product is then cut and stacked. The batch off guarantees the production of perfect sheets every time, thanks to its high-performance ventilation and cooling system.

Batch-off Lescuyer & Villeneuve

Bi-Vis conical

The conical twin-screw is used in the rubber and silicone industries, for homogeneous shaping and processing of materials into various formulations.


Slicers in the rubber, silicone and plastics industries offer an efficient solution for cutting materials into precise sheets or strips. The slicing process guarantees dimensional uniformity and cutting precision, contributing to the production of materials ready for a variety of applications.

trancheuse caoutchouc silicone plastique

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