Lescuyer & Villeneuve offers both electric and hydraulic slicers

At Lescuyer & Villeneuve, we’re expanding our offering with a complete range of electric and hydraulic slicers, meeting a variety of cutting needs in the polymer industry. Electric slicers are the ideal option for medium-sized cutting operations, offering simplicity of use and maintenance, while ensuring high productivity. They stand out for their adaptability to small and medium-scale applications, guaranteeing precise, consistent results.

For high-volume applications and robust industrial requirements, our hydraulic slicers come into play. With increased power, they can handle heavier loads and are specially designed for intensive operations. Lescuyer & Villeneuve hydraulic slicers are synonymous with reliable performance, offering a robust and efficient solution for large-scale cutting operations. Choose the trencher that meets your needs, with the quality and expertise you’ve come to expect from our brand.