Our subsidiaries

Innovative, environmentally-friendly salt-bath vulcanizing line

MDC ENGINEERING designs and markets production lines for the continuous vulcanization of VulcanoClean extruded elastomer profiles

  • Environmentally-friendly: recycling of salts, treatment of fumes and washing water in a closed circuit
  • Productive: speeds up to 120 meters/minute
  • Economical: very low energy consumption per kg vulcanized
  • Universal: process suitable for all types of polymers
  • Precise: control of profile dimensions and mechanical properties
  • Reliable: reproducibility and homogeneity
  • Flexible: several profiles can be produced simultaneously

Automated cut-to-length machines


Tauzin La Croix Mécanique specializes in automatic cut-to-length machines for a wide range of industries.

These include the aeronautics, automotive and medical sectors, for a wide range of products, including tubes, sheaths, rods in plastic, PVC or rubber, and metal braids.