Sectors of activity

Secteurs d'activités aéronautique Lescuyer & Villeneuve


Lescuyer & Villeneuve positions itself with excellence in the aerospace sector, offering innovative and reliable solutions. We help shape the future of the aerospace industry through advanced technologies and close collaboration with industry leaders.

Secteurs d'activités armement Lescuyer & Villeneuve


Lescuyer & Villeneuve has established itself as a key player in the armaments sector, providing cutting-edge, robust solutions. We contribute to enhancing the safety and effectiveness of weapons systems, supporting mission-critical missions and today's security challenges.

Secteurs d'activités automobile Lescuyer & Villeneuve


Lescuyer & Villeneuve distinguishes itself in the automotive sector by offering innovative, high-performance solutions. Our expertise is helping to shape the future of mobility, by offering reliable, advanced components that meet the demands of modern vehicles.

Secteurs d'activités construction Lescuyer & Villeneuve


Lescuyer & Villeneuve plays an essential role in the construction industry, providing top-quality materials and solutions. Lescuyer & Villeneuve contributes to the realization of sustainable and innovative projects, guaranteeing optimal performance and increased reliability on construction sites.


Lescuyer & Villeneuve is a key player in the medical field, offering innovative and safe solutions. We contribute to the advancement of healthcare by providing high-quality devices and materials that meet the most stringent standards and the specific needs of healthcare professionals.

Secteurs d'activités pétrochimie Lescuyer & Villeneuve


Lescuyer & Villeneuve is a trusted partner in the petrochemical industry, offering robust, innovative solutions. We supply high-performance equipment, contributing to the efficiency and safety of petrochemical installations.


Lescuyer & Villeneuve is a key player in the pneumatic field, providing state-of-the-art, reliable solutions. Our expertise supports the industry by offering high-quality pneumatic components, guaranteeing performance, durability and efficiency in a variety of pneumatic applications.

Secteurs d'activités spatial Lescuyer & Villeneuve


Lescuyer & Villeneuve is a leading player in the space sector, providing advanced and reliable technological solutions. We support space exploration and missions by offering innovative components and systems, thus contributing to scientific advances.