Lescuyer & Villeneuve's services


We have the expertise to bring all machines up to standard, whether Lescuyer & Villeneuve or other manufacturers, in strict compliance with the relevant European directives and standards. What’s more, our authorization allows us to operate on classified sites, particularly in sectors as demanding as petrochemicals, aerospace or installations covered by the Seveso directive.

Maintenance Lescuyer & Villeneuve


We offer full technical support to help you commission your equipment, and get your production up and running. What’s more, we offer an extended 5-year maintenance contract, including regular checks on all your machinery, as well as preventive maintenance operations. This approach ensures continuous monitoring of your equipment, maximizing its efficiency and lifespan, while reducing the risk of malfunctions. Our long-term commitment is to ensure the performance and reliability of your production operations.

Service après-vente Lescuyer & Villeneuve

After-sales service

We have a vast stock of spare parts in France, which we can dispatch within 48 hours. What’s more, our expertise extends beyond our borders, as we can deploy our teams of experts worldwide to carry out interventions in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics and automation. This global intervention capability enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs, whether for the supply of spare parts in France or for technical assistance services abroad.

Expertise / conseil Lescuyer & Villeneuve

Expertise / Consulting

Lescuyer Villeneuve has a long history of expertise in assessing the viability of your project and advising you on optimal solutions. Our approach is to thoroughly understand your production needs and recommend the most appropriate equipment.

To do this, we undertake several site visits, which enable us to understand the reality of your production environment. In addition, we carry out a detailed pre-study to thoroughly analyze the specifics of your project. Our aim is to offer you a tailor-made solution, based on a thorough understanding of your needs and a rigorous assessment of your production conditions.

capacité de test lescuyer & Villeneuve


Within our facilities, Lescuyer et Villeneuve has a variety of test equipment, including roll mixers, extruders, three-cylinder calenders, and much more. Our commitment to our customers is reflected in our ability to carry out trials under real production conditions, using our equipment directly on site.

This means that our customers have the chance to put our machines to the test in an authentic environment, enabling them to be sure of their performance and suitability for their specific needs. We provide a practical and efficient test area to ensure that our equipment meets your production expectations.