Suitable for rubber processing

Single-screw rubber extruders

Extrusion of special rods, tubes, sheets and profiles with a range of rubber screw diameters from 30 to 150 mm. Screw lengths range from 8D to 20D, enabling flexible output from 20 kg/h to 1,500 kg/h.

Degassing filter extruders

Extrusion and filtration of high value-added materials with screw diameters ranging from 30 to 90 mm. This technology offers a throughput improvement of up to 30% compared with conventional extruders.

Extrudeuse filtreuse dégazeuse Lescuyer Villeneuve

Pintle extruders

Increased material mixing. (natural rubber)

Coextrusion line

Multi-layer extrusion, profile and rod cutting with modular extruder solutions, vulcanizing equipment, conveying and die-cutting. Line capacity up to 1,500 kg/h.

Extrusion heads

tête d'extrusion