Single-screw rubber extruders

Extrudeuses Monovis caoutchouc

High extrudate quality for high throughputs

Lescuyer et Villeneuve’s experience in the rubber industry enables us to offer specific single-screw extruders that meet recurring temperature and flow rate requirements. Lescuyer extruders are used in laboratories or for the production of rods and profiles, and are temperature-controlled in several specific zones.

Equipment for every type of application is designed: flat head, tube head, multi-extrusion, metal sheathing, “roller nose”, variable cross-section head. The intuitive, ergonomic operator’s console displays all the information required for smooth process operation.

All Lescuyer extruders comply with the highest safety standards: NF EN 1114.

Extrudeuses Monovis caoutchouc 90 mm
Extrudeuses Monovis caoutchouc
Extrudeuses Monovis caoutchouc 30 mm
Extrudeuses Monovis caoutchouc 60 mm


  • Possibility of degassing
  • Rubber-specific power ratings
  • Motorized tamping roller
  • Optimum thermoregulation
  • Monobloc equipment
  • Easy to clean sensitive areas

Turnkey equipment with delivery, installation and training of teams on site.

Numerous accessories are available to facilitate operation, including electric screw extraction systems, special hoppers, etc.