Story of Lescuyer & Villeneuve

Lescuyer Villeneuve histoire expérience
Lescuyer Villeneuve histoire expérience
Lescuyer Villeneuve histoire expérience
Lescuyer Villeneuve histoire expérience

A century-old company, rich in experience and history

Founded in 1923, Lescuyer & Villeneuve is one of the oldest companies in its sector, bringing with it a wealth of history and experience.

Lescuyer & Villeneuve has acquired unrivalled expertise in its field. The company has participated in the evolution of materials processing technologies, and continues to innovate to meet the needs of its customers.

Lescuyer & Villeneuve’s longevity is a major asset, enabling it to benefit from unique experience and know-how.

Long-standing experience

Lescuyer & Villeneuve is the story of two materials enthusiasts, Émile Lescuyer and Émile Villeneuve, who founded a company specializing in rubber processing in 1923.

Over the years, the company grew and diversified, drawing on its expertise and innovation to meet its customers’ needs.

But behind this success story lies a fascinating tale of twists and turns and challenges met, beginning decades before 1923.


CHOLLET-CHAMPION was a mechanical engineering company that also operated a carpentry workshop.

The company quickly turned its attention to equipping mills, which were gradually replacing grinding wheels with cylinders.

It also offered services in a variety of mechanical fields.

The company expands into new horizons

The company moves to rue des fossés (now rue des Déportés) and extends as far as the Poussin sawmill (now "La belle époque" restaurant).

Change of ownership and expansion

Charles SIMON, an engineer from Arts et Métiers, marries the granddaughter of the owner of CHOLLET-CHAMPION and quickly takes over management of the factory.

Under his impetus, the company continued to grow, becoming a major player in Bléré. The company played a key role in the construction of the Vallet hydroelectric plant, for which it appears to have supplied the turbine.

The company expands

The company continues to expand rapidly, and Charles SIMON, no longer able to cope with this growth on his own, looks for partners to support him.

With two engineers from the Arts et Métiers, Messrs PERNOT and JAMAIN, he formed a general partnership called "Société Française de construction de moulins et moteurs électriques".

A fire, a quick rebuild

While the company was working on an order for the French Ministry of Defense, a fire (origin unknown) ravaged the factory.

It was rebuilt as quickly as possible in wartime, on land belonging to the SIMON family in rue du Gazomètre. Business soon resumed.

(9 avril)
The company becomes "Simon et Pernot".

Mr JAMAIN transfers his share in the company to his co-partners, which is thus transformed into a general partnership called "Simon et Pernot", with its registered office at rue du Gazomètre.

(27 janvier)
The Succession of Monsieur Pernot Joseph: Charles Simon sells his business to Lescuyer et Villeneuve

Mr. PERNOT Joseph died on January 27, 1923 in La Croix-en-Touraine. Rather than look for a new partner, Charles SIMON thought about retirement. He therefore sold his company to Messrs Lescuyer and Villeneuve.

(3 juin)
Creation by Lescuyer and Villeneuve

Lescuyer & Villeneuve takes over from Etablissements Simon et Pernot.

Gilbert LESCUYER, who had acquired the principles of special rubber processing from Etablissements Bergoougnian, Thorillon and Michelin in Clermond-Ferrand, converted the equipment previously used for milling.

Change of direction
Histoire expérience Lescuyer & Villeneuve

In 1941, Gilbert LESCUYER handed over management of the company to his son Jean. Jean, an Art et Métiers engineer, turned the company towards plastics processing.

Lescuyer and Villeneuve expand

The LESCUYER company bought the old gasworks in the 1960s and demolished the buildings (factory, chimney and gasometer) in 1970. The remains of the factory and chimney were used to backfill the gasometer.

The company is sold to Mr LEMETTRE

Anecdote concerning its acquisition:

Mr. LEMETTRE, an engineer with a diploma from Arts et Métiers and head of the design office at Pont-à-Mousson, visited the site to evaluate the Lescuyer company with a view to its acquisition by his company. On discovering an order book comprising 15 extruders, he decided to acquire the company for his own account.

(1er avril)
Creation of Lescuyer Extrusion

Takeover of the company by Techmo and S.E.G, headed by Messrs GORY and GUILLAUDEAU. Creation of Lescuyer Extrusion.

Change of scenery

The company moves to new premises in the "Bois Pataud" area.

Lescuyer & Villeneuve is back

The company was placed in compulsory liquidation on January 6, marking its definitive closure and the dismissal of the last employees.

The company (the name) was bought by Mr. LEMETTRE, who had kept the "Lescuyer" name.

Towards Epeigné-les-bois
lescuyer filtreuse

Premises set up in Epeigné-les-bois (commune of 400 inhabitants).

A promising future : Mr Robert and his partner buy out the company

Buyout by Mr ROBERT, an employee of the company, with a partner.

Successful relocation : Lescuyer & Villeneuve settles permanently in Saint-Pierre-Des-Corps

Lescuyer & Villeneuve moves its premises to Saint-Pierre-Des-Corps (commune of 16,000 inhabitants).

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