Tauzin automatic cutting system

Automatismes de coupe Tauzin

Complete in-line cutting solutions

Tauzin Automatisme is a long-standing partner of Lescuyer et Villeneuve, with extensive expertise in cut-to-length equipment for elastomers. We offer these products as a complement to Lescuyer equipment on laboratory and production processing lines. Tauzin Automatisme offers manual and automatic cutting equipment with guillotine, log and cut-to-length technologies.

All cutting equipment is managed by a touch screen for easy control of working parameters. An adapted drive system to overcome the constraints of deformation of the product to be cut. Our machines reach high speeds for optimum output in a line for tubes, profiles coming out of extrusion or calendering.

Tauzin Automatisme also offers a range of ancillary equipment, including contactless material controllers, material infeed and outfeed systems, outfeed belts and automatic rewinders and unwinders.

All Tauzin Automatisme equipment complies with the highest safety standards.

Automatismes de coupe Tauzin
pantin Automatismes de coupe Tauzin
Automatismes de coupe Tauzin


  • Meets the most stringent safety requirements
  • Programming cutting cycles
  • Optimum cutting precision depending on the product
  • Design of complete cutting lines

Turnkey equipment, with delivery, installation and training of teams on site.

A highly experienced design office, enabling us to offer custom-built special machines. Customisation and innovative solutions to solve your problems. In addition, Tauzin Automatisme offers a cutting subcontracting service; all operations are carried out on the premises, from cutting to packaging.