Modular internal laboratory mixer

Mélangeurs interne modulable de laboratoire

Maximum instrumentation and ease of use for a modular gear/tangential mixer

This latest-generation equipment offers unlimited flexibility for R&D centers. It allows the use of 2 mixing configurations on a common motorization. The tanks are instrumented at a high level to provide feedback on temperature, pressure, torque, power, etc.

This mixer offers easy cleaning with automated tank opening.

This Lescuyer internal mixer is an innovation in that it is a miniaturization of an internal mixer used in production, and thanks to the software it enables the scale-up phase to be carried out on this equipment. The time-consuming scale-up phase within a plant can be improved thanks to the Lescuyer modular mixer.

All Lescuyer internal mixers comply with the highest safety standards: NF EN 12013.

Mélangeurs interne modulable de laboratoire


  • Modularity between geared and tangential rotors
  • Common motorization
  • Maximum instrumentation
  • Easy to cleanOptimum sealing

Turnkey equipment with delivery, installation and training of teams on site.

Numerous options can be added to Lescuyer in-house mixers: automation, electric pestle, etc.