Bale cutter

Trancheuse à balles lescuyer & Villeneuve

Guillotine or rotary slicers

Lescuyer and Villeneuve bale cutters are designed to cut rubber and silicone bales for compound preparation. The equipment enables high-speed cutting while maintaining high bale size accuracy. These dimensions are standard, but can be modified on the machine for special applications.

Our bale cutters can be manually or automatically operated. The cutting blades are of controlled origin, ensuring precise, flawless cutting. The pneumatic product-holding system ensures cutting repeatability for high operating efficiencies. Bale weight control can be combined for optimum control.

The touch-screen operator panel provides intuitive, rapid control of the equipment.

All Lescuyer slicers comply with the highest safety standards.


  • Complies with the most stringent safety requirements
  • Cycle programming
  • High linear cutting speed
  • One-piece equipment for easy integration
  • Hazardous cutting zones are fully encapsulated