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The design of our extruders with or without vacuum and the efficiency of thermal controls make our equpiments adaptable to the process of all kinds of natural or synthetic elastomers, whatever may be the feeding source (cold or warm tape, granulates or powder).

The current range includes :

A small extruder with diameter 30 for laboratory or for the production of small sections.

A medium range with 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 150 diameters, especially adapted to the extrusion of sections or vulcanized tubings.

A 250 extruder with rammer for blends filtration, downstream from open mills.

Incontestably strong, our open mills are especially designed for laboratories (set up and check of blends) and for the transformation medium industry (production of leaves and plates) and are adapted to the process of natural or synthetic rubbers, plastics, and similar pasty materials. That is why today, Lescuyer & Villeneuve is Michelin's official supplier for all laboratory open mills and cylinder safety integrator of any brand.

Six cylinder standard sizes from 54 x 180 to 400 x 1000, making possible the process of loads from less than 1 kg up to 60 kg.

The smallest size was especially developed for the setup of silicone and plastic blends in clean room.

The MH200 model is especially designed for laboratories (setup or check of blends): it is adapted to the process of natural or synthetic rubbers, plastics and similar pasty materials.

MH200 is equipped with safety devices that respect NF EN 1417 and R392 standards.

Our range mainly includes :

Presses designed to repair cables with diameter lower or equal to 150 mm, swan neck or "portefeuille", with or without transfer.

Presses designed to form rubber bales, with closing force lower or equal to 200 T, with manual or automatic control.

Special moulding presses, either by compression with closing force lower or equal to 400 T, or by injection with closing force lower or equal to 600 T, and injection capacity reaching 6000 cm3.


Direct loading (compression). The most high-performance press on the market, due to its reliability, its simplicity, and according to the complexity of current rubber blends and quality requirements.

Minimum space occupied ; the 300 T press is hardly 4,5 m. high, even with the vacuum compartment.

The Hydraulic group, the vacuum unit, the electric cabinet and the control display are built-in with the machine, in order to make a single and rational pack. Every movement is controlled by high resolution ultrasound transducers.

Its cast iron reaction heads are designed according to specific concepts and electric process, in order to ensure a strong resistance to loads, and to optimize the mould surface operation. This eliminates usual drawbacks from presses, such as depression through the center and difficult parallelism of the plates.

Magnetic plates
Serial magnetic plates for presses with vacuum compartment allow a fast change of mould, in safety conditions, and without waiting for cooling. Moreover, the possibility of heating the incoming mould is a real time saving. Electromodul <PV> series may be equipped with hot plates as an option, for an insignificant price rise. Magnetic plates set out on new manufacture Electromodul presses make part of the press itself, respecting EC safety standards.

Electronic control unit

The electronic control unit is perfectly updated with the very last technological features and meets the most accurate requirements about connectivity and data sharing on networks. This ensures an immediate access and the possibility of follow up from a distance, either for assistance issues, or to communicate data and alarms included on mobile phones. The display with touch screen (function <touch screen>), is highly reliable and allows the check of force and closing parameters, cycle time, temperatures, process curves, etc… It is possible to memorize on the display data about moulds, and information about the machine.


We especially design presses whose features are different from usual standards : plate dimension, stroke, injection capacity, injection pressure, setting out. In most cases, such presses are used for specific applications.


Closing forces on our presses are adapted to the nature of the material to be compacted, from 60 to 200 Tons. These equipments are designed according to a specific closing system with cover, which prevents the process from being blocked by material.

Control can be manual or automatic. The feeding pipe is retractable and the ejection jack is set in lateral position. (As an option, it is possible to add stainless steel plates to the tank.)

Our range mainly includes :

Guillotine cutters, designed to cut up rubber bales for the set up of blends. Our models are adapted to the standard sizes of bales to be cut up. They can be processed either by hand or automatically.

Rotative cutters designed to cut up long products (sections) :

Either in long pieces, or in thin slices that form moulding outlines

In scraps for the feeding of thin rubber crumb grinders

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